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  • Bionci Shoes

    Bionci elegance and attention to detail, a firm line between beauty and design, synthesis of Fashion Style seductively for a woman sensual and feminine, as well man. Craftsmen since 1970, we have only one credo for our amazing products: “Bionci Italia: elegance, femininity and fashion style.”

  • Fuss Shoes

    Fuss Shoes is a seller of Italian shoes maker Fuss. Its a famous maker of the highest quality of all kind of fetish footwear. Perfection of product is a Must have for every elegant woman and man. Fuss Italy production is a right answer for all fetish shoes fans all over the world.

  • Giaro Shoes

    Hot boots, fancy stiletto heels, sexy sandals - with our Giaro Collection High Heels, you will go your own erotic ways. If you are on search of something special, this collection is perfect for you. We offer exceptional heels in many different styles. One of the special features of this Collection is that all of our high heels and boots are also available in big sizes usually from size EU37 up to EU46. With heel heights between 12cm and 17,5cm, all the attention will be Yours.

  • GIO Stockings

    Gio authentic Nylon Fully fashioned stockings manufactured in England giving you a touch of sophisticated elegance from the 1950's. Gio stockings are beautiful and authentic stockings manufactured in Derbyshire, England. We manufacture Fully fashioned  and RHT nylon stockings.

  • Pentagram Collection

    Pentagram Collection - Pure Art of Fetish is a Polish project of hand crafted leather clothing and accessories, addressed to all fetish and bdsm fans. It's collection for all people going with leather and seductive lifestyle. Projects are designed by young and promising designer from Poznan - School of Art.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items