1. Client can send back new item in two weeks time.
  2. All shipping costs in / back during resignation or sending back item are covered by client.
  3. Custom items cant be send back, can be only exchanged.
  4. Delivery address is: Pentagram Shop Europe, InPost Parcel Locker SOK01M, Tel.No. 886701600, Poland.
  5. The Seller has 14 days to consider the complaint and 90 days to return the cash to the account in IBAN format.
  6. Damaged items by client will be not claimed back.
  7. Hosiery, including latex products can’t be send back in any time.
  8. Claiming back is done by contacting customer care
  9. Client must give order number and information.
  10. Client will be informed about process of his claim to the registered email address.
  11. Returns cannot be made to wholesome products manufactured to order, among others underwear, latex and rubber products, clothing outside the S/M/L size, footwear outside the standard size 35-40, works of art and furniture.

Item must be send to the following address :

Pentagram Shop Europe
InPost Parcel Locker SOK01M
Tel.No. 886701600