Terms and conditions

I. General

  1. Pentagramsho.eu is called Seller.
  2. The online store operating at www.pentagramshop.eu is run by PHU SONIA SC entered in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity of the Republic of Poland kept by the minister competent for economy, having the address of the place of business: ul. Sokoła 28/1, 81-603 Gdynia, Polska, NIP 9581666922
  3. Terms and conditions are including rules of selling our items on-line in the name of the following company registered
    Pentagramshop Europe.
  4. To make an order You need to accept our terms and conditions.
  5. Customer is every person accepting our terms and conditions and using our on line shop.

II. Our items

  1. Our product is the active item during proceeding in our shop with transaction.
  2. All our prices are including VAT tax.
  3. All our items are new and they are covered by 12 months guarantee.

III. Orders

  1. Items can be ordered by registered clients or not registered persons.
  2. To be registered customer need to create an account.
  3. Created account is giving the Client chance to make fast order as registered person.
  4. To proceed with an order customer must choose correct amount of items and give to the seller correct sizes.
  5. Shop can change the prices and select items for sales.
  6. Shop can’t change an order after proceeding it by client.
  7. For every order shop is adding shipping costs according to Your location.
  8. All active items are only invitations for buying an articles according to art. 71 Polish Law Codes. and it is not an offer according to art. 66 § 1 together with art. 61 § 2 Polish Law Codes.
  9. Client is confirming buying of an item by filling order form.
  10. Orders can be done on line 24/7.
  11. Orders can be done by company or person over 18 years old.
  12. Seller and client is signing an order agreement with every proceed order.
  13. Before client will proceed an order, must accept this terms and conditions.
  14. Order form will be not accepted without confirming acceptation of these terms.
  15. Correct order will be confirmed by confirmation email.

IV. Time of delivery

  1. Time of delivery is 14 working days depends on client location.
  2. With more than one item order can be delayed.

V. Payment

  1. Shop is using few electronic ways of paying: bank transfer, PayPal/credit card and electronic bank transfers.
  2. Safe cash transfers are serviced by professional paying systems e.g. t-pay.com.
  3. Payments including shipping costs can be only paid by bank wire transfer or electronic transfer.
  4. We can provide client VAT invoice.

VI. Delivery

  1. Deliveries are serviced by DPD or DHL delivery services or Polish Post for US and Canada.

VII. Claims

  1. Client can send back new item in two weeks time.
  2. All shipping costs in / back during resignation or sending back item are covered by client.
  3. Custom items cant be send back, can be only exchanged.
  4. Delivery address is: Pentagram Shop Europe, InPost Parcel Locker SOK01M, Tel.No. 886701600, Poland.
  5. The Seller has 14 days to consider the complaint and 90 days to return the cash to the account in IBAN format.
  6. Damaged items by client will be not claimed back.
  7. Hosiery, including latex products can’t be send back in any time.
  8. Claiming back is done by contacting customer care contact@pentagramshop.eu
  9. Client must give order number and information.
  10. Client will be informed about process of his claim to the registered email address.
  11. Returns cannot be made to wholesome products manufactured to order, among others underwear, latex and rubber products, clothing outside the S/M/L size, footwear outside the standard size 35-40, works of art and furniture.

VIII. Additionals

  1. Clients responsibility is to give seller correct address and contact details.
  2. Seller is not responsible for correspondence with client and exchange information.
  3. Seller can close or restrict shop during maintenance.

IX. Personal data protection

  1. Seller is and admin of personal data according to the law dated 29 of August 1997 r. Personal Protection Law (Dz. U. z 2002 roku, nr 101, poz. 926 z późn. zm.).
  2. Seller is using personal data according to selling items electronic way.
  3. Processing of personal data is accepted by client.
  4. Every registered client has an access to his data and can correct it any time.
  5. Client can remove his personal data any time.

X. Final provisions

  1. Every user of our shop must accept this terms and conditions.
  2. Seller can change terms and conditions any time.
  3. Changed are valid with publication.
  4. Every claims should be clarified by agreements.
  5. If an agreement is not possible seller and client can use public court.
  6. Every claims not included in the terms and conditions can be solved by Polish Law Codes.

XI. Contact

  1. Pentagram Shop
  2. contact@pentagramshop.eu